Ecopack India CEO, Mr Sushil Gadling gets featured as Business Connect CEOs of Year 2021

Ecopack CEO of Year 2021

An exciting and proud moment for us. Our CEO, Mr. Sushil Gadling, has been featured in Business Connect’s ‘CEOs of the Year 2021’ round-up.

In his interview, he talks about Ecopack’s core and focuses on sustainable packaging and its vision to revolutionize how our consumption habit goes hand in hand with nature.

“With the scenic transformations in the industry, the business goals have had a paradigm shift. More than revenue, expansion or other organic & inorganic growth, business leaders are focusing on green development, climate change and other emerging narratives. And it’s proven that resolving environmental issues brings better value to the business, makes it embellishing and expands the client base too. Over the last decade, the notion has driven a credible number of CEOs around the globe. And their work is unequivocally praised in the industrial sphere.

Mr Sushil Gadling, a veteran corporate leader, is a viable example. As the CEO of Ecopack India, he is fostering value to environmental concerns in India through eco-friendly paper containers and baking moulds. Ecopack is one of the seasoned brands in bio degradable baking moulds and containers, commanding a stellar presence in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, the United States and South America. Ecopack India is one of its numerous subsidiaries upholding the core vision to create eco-friendly solutions for the world.”

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