About Us

Ecopack India, established in 2011, carries forward 80+ years of legacy of Ecopack Worldwide in manufacturing baking moulds and packaging solutions, in India. In addition to that, we constantly strive to create products that cater to the Indian hospitality & confectionery industry.

We’re passionate about creating innovative eco-friendly products for the industries we serve. Our state of the art facility at Talegaon Dabhade near Pune churns out a diverse range of packaging solutions that meet industrial standard requirements. These strong in-house capabilities also empower us to customize our products to suit the requirements of our clients across the globe.

The Ecopack Worldwide family together serves 800+ products to cater to industries across geographies such as Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, the USA and South America. These premium-quality products are created using eco-friendly raw materials and are spread across different formats, colours, sizes, and finishes.

Our Vision

Ecopack is a leader in the design and production of paper containers for food, by developing the sustainability index of paper as raw material and reducing the environmental impact along the whole supply chain. Our goal is to manufacture products that reduce the environmental impact along the supply chain. Ecopack manufactures products that are - recyclable, biodegradable, compostable.

Our Mission

Our greatest reward is in satisfying our customers with a high-quality product, great service, and fast and exhaustive answers to their questions. We are happy when we deliver great results. We delight the people we work for because we work with our minds, hand, and heart. Ecopack focuses on the basics: great products and great service to give great customer satisfaction.


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We at the Ecopack Worldwide family focus on sustainability in our products and processes.

The diverse range of products offered by us are created with biodegradable materials, ensuring every product is environment friendly.


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The sustainable and eco-friendly products we create are a result of extensive research, testing, and leveraging technology. From creating newer product lines using different recyclable materials to using processes that reduce resource consumption and create lighter products - we constantly push the boundaries of sustainable packaging.