We help make your production eco-friendly, safer, and more efficient .

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As one of the top manufacturers of food packaging solutions for global requirements, we’re constantly experimenting with new technologies and materials.

This decades old commitment to devising innovative solutions has driven us to create 800+ eco-friendly product lines.

As part of the Ecopack Worldwide family, we work closely with research organisations to challenge our own boundaries of creating products that are sustainable for the environment.

Furthermore, our in-house efforts are to create better production processes that consume lesser resources while offering better results.

Denester Machine

Denester machines aid in quick destacking of paper cups and aligning them as per the desired line output.

Denester machines can be tailored to specifications of your production line to make it more efficient and productive.

Increased efficiency = Better production rate

Protect from contamination

Can be customized as per your existing line features

Candor Paper

Natural, biodegradable and greaseproof in nature - these features make Candor paper the clear choice for making our diverse range of products. With natural grease-proofing capabilities, they are revered industry-wide for their top-notch quality and ease of use.

Together, the Denester Machine and Candor Paper are a winning combination for the modern-age production line setup.

Natural Greaseproof Paper - A mechanical process uses beaters so fibers can bond closer together for a thicker structure of cellulose fibers.

No Fluorochemicals (PFAS) - No harmful gases means we strenghten our commitment to deliver eco-freindly products.

BIODEGRADABLE (EN13432) certified by tests (ISO 14855-1)

NO SILICONE treatment yet perfect compatibility with denester thanks to a special wax

Research & Development
at Ecopack India

The innovations we take immense pride in are a result of extensive testing both with new and old technologies and materials.

Learn more more about how our R&D efforts help us create products that change the food packaging landscape.


Sustainability in
Food Packaging

Our pursuit of innovation has enabled us to create new and better products over the last many decades.

Read more about how the Ecopack Worldwide family is making the world a greener and better place.