Frequently Asked Questions

With a product range as diverse as ours catering to the HoReCa industries globally, we get a wide variety of queries. We’ve collated some of the most commonly asked questions below, covering our products and services.

  • Where can I access the full catalogue of Ecopack India products?
  • You can download the full catalogue by visiting this page.
  • Where can I buy Ecopack India products online?
  • Please contact us at
  • Are Ecopack India products oven safe?
  • Most of our products are oven safe and can be exposed 220 ° C. However, products from our Savory product line and some products from Lids products line can be exposed to temperature upto 70 ° C. We recommend that you read the product description carefully before placing an order.
  • Are Ecopack India products non-toxic?
  • Our products are food grade and absolutely safe. They do not contain or release any harmful substances.
  • What is the material of Ecopack India products?
  • Our products are made from safe, food grade materials. We use paper, cocoa beans and bamboo to make our products. A lot of our products are made from FSC certified paper from sustainably managed forests.

For any other question or concerns, please contact us at