Preserving Environment

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We’re constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to creating better and more eco-friendly products. Our extensive line of 800+ products is a testament to the same.

For many of our products, the paper we use for our products is FSC® Certified, and originates from forests that foster sustainable co-existence of nature and development.

Our materials pass through a strict chain of custody, and haven’t been the cause of harm to the environment or the indegenous people.

Additionally, we’ve successfully optimized our production processes to utilize lesser material for creating products. This has helped us deliver the same products that’re lighter and still rigid, while utilizing less of the world's resources.

Sustainability In our products

Through R&D breakthroughs over the last couple of decades, most of our products as of today are made using virgin paper. From small Paper Cups to the larger Colomba moulds, our products are created with care for the environment at heart.

Through our innovation, we’ve also created interesting products and materials.

SavouryTM Line

Born out of the need to serve not just the sweet, but also the savoury things in the world.

Created entirely using paper and bamboo, these are 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Safe for direct contact with food and built to withstand high temperatures, they are suitable for handling salads, finger food, and even street food.


Cocoa PaperTM Paper Molds

Products made through this particular paper sport a tactile and highly aesthetic feel.

And they don’t just look great - they’re made using the residue shells of the chocolate industry.

By recycling what would otherwise be trashed, we created a new material that’s well suited for HoReCa industries at cafes, bakeries, and confectionaries.


You can browse the complete list of our eco-friendly products that cater to different requirements.