Ecopack: Packing Trust In Every Mould

Ecopack Sustainable baking moulds

Baking is therapeutic for many of us. The process of organising all your ingredients, measuring and adding them carefully, whipping up the batter and pouring it into a container has a pleasing rhythm and flow to it. Sharing the efforts of baking with our loved ones is almost as fulfilling as the process itself. Baking brings joy to the baker and the gourmand equally. 

However, when we look at the technical side of baking, we come across several parameters. 

Are your ingredients safe and ethically sourced? How much waste are you generating behind every cookie, muffin, or cake? How far are your ingredients and the baked products travelling? Is the cost of baking rising every year? 

How Does Baking Impact The Environment?

In 2023, it is important that home-bakers and professional bakers alike take into consideration the impact of their baking choices. One of the main non-edible ingredients of baking is the baking mould. Baking moulds can be single-use like paper liners or they can be reusable items made up of tin or aluminium. While reusable moulds may seem better instinctively, they’re not. The problem with the latter is that these tins rust quickly which can harm your baked products. Moreover, because they have to be washed before every use, using these tins creates a lot of grey water. It is also a hassle for bakers, especially when it comes to baking small cupcakes. 

Your batter takes the shape and form of the baking liner. More importantly, it contains the batter and gives it time for a delightful transformation. However, since  baking liners are single-use items, they generate quite a lot of waste. 

But what if your baking liners were plastic-free and eco-friendly? What if after relishing in your moist flavourful cupcake, your customer was not throwing away a piece of harmful material, but a piece of biodegradable paper? Now imagine that thousands of such cupcakes were baked in eco-friendly liners every day? When you choose eco-friendly baking liners, you are choosing a better future for everyone

Ecopack: Packaging Innovations For The Baking Industry

Ecopack is one of the largest manufacturers of baking moulds. We at Ecopack have been developing packaging solutions for more than 8 decades. With a committed R&D team dedicated to creating the best and eco-friendliest products, Ecopack has more than 800+ products to offer. It is our goal to manufacture products that have minimal impact on the environment all along the supply chain. Our products are highly rated and are recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. The paper that is used to make Ecopack products is FSC certified meaning that trees are replanted to replace the ones that were cut down. There is no net loss of forests. Age-old trees and ecosystems are identified and protected. Essentially, these paper products are forest friendly


The ink that is used on this ethically sourced paper is consciously chosen. It is food-safe and can sustain high temperatures in the oven.

Ecopack’s Offerings

Since Ecopack primarily makes paper products which interact with food, we ensure that the products are made with food-safe paper. These products are trusted by over a million bakers and chefs all over the world. The usual baking moulds like the round mould, plumpy moulds, plumcake moulds, etc are sturdy and can be used by bakeries and patisseries. There are beautiful colours and designs available in paper cups, muffin moulds, lotus moulds, tulip moulds for variety. These moulds are sustainable, food-safe and they will definitely add colour and beauty to your display window.

Other eco-products that are popular are the cocoa paper moulds and the paper cups. Our cocoa paper moulds are made from residue shells from the chocolate industry which would otherwise have been dumped in landfills. It is a new material that we’ve created which is best suited for the HORECA industry. Paper cups are highly popular for baking small cupcakes and other delicacies. We recently launched a savoury line made entirely of bamboo and paper which can withstand high temperatures, a must-have feature for handling fried food, salads, or street snacks. 

In addition to our range of baking liners, bakers and pastry chefs with small businesses will also be interested in our wrap sheets and paper bags. Ecopack lets you customise these paper bags by printing your brand logos on it, thus personalising the product for every establishment. Switching to paper bags to deliver your takeaways will make a huge difference in the amount of plastic waste you generate. It goes without saying that these products are sustainable and food-safe.

Take a Green Step Forward

At Ecopack, we want the best for our customers viz.bakers and bakery business owners. We want bakery businesses to succeed without harming the environment.  When you choose Ecopack, you can rest assured that your business is taking a green step forward, your baked goods will have the best protection and support that they can have, and it will be aesthetically pleasing! Ecopack is a trusted name in the food packaging industry and we strive to deliver the best products. It is an honour that we get to innovate new eco-friendly products for bakers all around the world. Start your eco-journey with an Ecopack mould.